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Congregation Or LaOlam
Category : Progressive
Congregation Or LaOlam is the City of Hartford's only Jewish congregation. We are also Connecticut's only "no dues" congregation. We are located in the South End on Maple Avenue, across from Goodwin Park. Our services are primarily in English and Hebrew, following the Minhag Sefarad (Spanish-Portuguese) & include considerable spontaneity & singing. A halachically egalitarian congregation, we invite both women & men to the Torah. Many services are held outdoors (weather permitting) in line with the traditionally joyful & unfettered spirit of Hebrew mysticism. We invite those who are searching for G-d and community, especially Jewish Interfaith couples and families, unaffiliated Jews, converts and those considering conversion, to come celebrate with us the faith of Abraham in a relevant, informed and truly life-affirming context. For further information, contact our Spiritual Director, the Elmwood Rav: Rabbi Dr. J. D. Sandberg at (860) 306-0038