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How do I add a listing?
You can add a listing via the Add a Listing Page Note if you aren't logged in the site will have you login first.

How do I report a problem with a listing?

On each listing detail page this is a “report“ link. You can use this link to send in changes, updates or problems with the listing.

How can I contact Jewn with ideas for making the site better?
Thank you. Jewn is always looking for ways we can make the site better. Drop us a comment on our Contact Us page. We'll try to accomodate your request.


What do I gain by registering?

All users can take advantage of Jewn's basic features but by registering Jewn can customize your experience and make it faster and better. Here's 7 advantages to registering:

1    Personalized search- You can have easy access to search next to your home, work or other favorite locations.
2    Personalized directions- Quick access to directions your home, work or any other destination.
3    Add your listing- You can add/update your own listings to Jewn
4    Add another listing-  You can add your favorite restaurant, hotel or other favorite listing.
5    Add reviews- Review your favorite (or least favorite) restaurants and other listings.
6    Add ratings- Rate your favorite listings
7    shortcuts- Have your email address and other information automatically filled in (where appropriate)