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About Jewn


Mission: Uniting Jews One Community at a Time gathers all information about each Jewish community in one central place from kosher restaurants, yeshivas, mikvahs, judica shops to kosher groceries. It allows people to connect with their communities, specific listings or eachother. Everything to bring Jews together and make being Jewish a little easier.

What makes different?

1. Search proximity- Jewn finds listings tailored to your specific address (not just zipcode) and lists results closest to you first.

2. Community based- Find all community information in one place

3. Listing Owners access- businnes owners can update their listings and market their businesses

4. Users feedback- Users can rate, comment on and fix incorrect listings

5. Directions- Minimal effort to get directions to any listing, especially if you're a registered user.

6. Customized to you- When a user registers they no longer have to fill in redundant information. the system remembers and they can customize favorites

7. Many categories- Jewn has many categories of infomation: Community Resources, Food Shopping, Hotels & Lodging, Judaica, Mikvahs, Restaurants, Synogagues, Yeshivahs + more to come

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